Aerosol School 2017 will be held Oct 4-6, 2017

List of Topics and Hands-On Labs Presented At
Aerosol School 2016


1 J. Fink Aerosol Drug Delivery Devices
3 L. Mao Formulation Considerations for Inhaled Products
4 K. Stapleton How to Choose an Aerosol Delivery System for Your Formulation
7 A. Goodey Real World Considerations for Experimental Design
8 K. Stapleton Modeling Aerosol Drug Delivery
9 J. Mitchell Clinically Appropriate Methods for Performance Testing of OIPs
13 J. Mitchell Particle Size Measurements for OINDP Quality – I : Cascade Impactor
14 J. Mitchell Particle Size Measurements for OINDP Quality – II: - AIM and EDA
15 J. Fink In Vitro/In Vivo Correlations (IVIVC): Measurements: Simulations to Estimate IVIV Aerosol Drug Delivery
16 L. Mao Formulation Considerations of Nasal Spray Products
17 K. Stapleton Special Considerations for Liquid Measurements
21 J. Mitchell Particle Size Measurements for OINDP Quality – 3: - Alternatives to the Cascade Impactor
22 M. Inman Aerosol Delivery in Mouse Models of Airways Disease/Use of animal models in drug delivery measurements
23 K. Stapleton Human Factors in Device Design and Use including Risk Assessment
24 M. Inman How to Read a Research Paper, Interpret Results and Recognize Bias
25 H. Mansour Challenge of ‘Nano’ in Pulmonary Administration
26 J. Fink /
K. Stapleton
Special Lecture: The Business of Drug/Device Development
27 H. Neighbour Delivering Drugs to the Nose in Health and Disease
28 A. Goodey Nasal Delivery of Peptides
29 J. Fink Measurements of Aerosol Drug Delivery: Unusual Clinical Settings
30 M. Dolovich /
J. Mitchell
Relationships between laboratory measurements, imaging of particle deposition in the HRT, PK and PD data
31 J. Mitchell Role of the Pharmacopeias, National, International Standards and Regulatory Guidance documents in OINDP Assessments

Hands-On Labs

2   Lab 1: Device & Equipment Showcase: How to use Inhalers / What’s on the Market plus New Designs (pMDIs, DPIs, Nebulizers, Spacers/Valved Holding Chambers)
5A/5B   On M Stick: How to Write an SOP / How to Maintain a Lab Book
6   On M Stick: Traceability: How to Prepare Standards
    On M Stick: Planning of Experiments: Practical and Theoretical Considerations
10   Lab 2: Lab Protocols
11   Lab 2: Unit Dose Measurements / API Assessment
12   Lab 2: Results from measurements
    On M Stick: Evaluation of Experimental Data
18   Lab 3: Particle Size Measurements: Impactors, Laser Diffraction
19 D. Roberts Lab 3: Analysis of Impactor Data: Calculations, Spreadsheets
20 A. Goodey Lab 3: Online Tutorial for APSD Measurements
23 K. Stapleton Lab 4: Hands-on exercise with inhalers – Human Factors and Risk Assessment
  P. Nair On M Stick: Clinical Testing of Aerosol Equivalence
  M. Dolovich On M Stick: Aerosol Basics

Program Schedule

Directions to Aerosol School

Charlton Campus Driving Directions
Charlton Campus Map to Aerosol Lab
Walking Map from Sheraton Hotel to Fontbonne Bldg and Aerosol Lab